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Southern Lord Records (47 objet(s))
I Hate (36 objet(s))
Rise Above (70 objet(s))
Peaceville (34 objet(s))
Earache records (38 objet(s))

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Traditional doom Doom death

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  • 2004 (6 classique(s) / coup(s) de cœur)
  • 2002 (6 classique(s) / coup(s) de cœur)
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Chroniques les plus lues
BURNING WITCH Crippled lucifer (seven psalms for our lord of light) (1999 Southern Lord Records) 7444 lecture(s)
ELECTRIC WIZARD We live (2004 Rise Above) 1586 lecture(s)
CANDLEMASS Epicus doomicus metallicus (1986 Powerline) 1570 lecture(s)
CATHEDRAL The ethereal mirror (1993 Earache records) 1309 lecture(s)
Chroniques les moins lues
WALL OF SLEEP ...And Hell Followed with Him (2007 I Hate) 482 lecture(s)
PALE DIVINE Cemetary earth (2007 Cemetary earth) 537 lecture(s)
AETHENOR Deep in ocean sunk the lamp of light   (2006 VHF) 559 lecture(s)
THE FUNERAL ORCHESTRA Feeding the abyss (2003 Aftermath) 565 lecture(s)

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